Freezer Pork

HALF HOG (better known as a SIDE OF PORK):

100/120 lbs.

Price includes cutting, wrapping and freezing, curing ham and bacon, rendering lard and making sausage out of trimmings. Because of lard and use of virtually all cuts, there is very little loss.

Fresh Cuts: Loin (chops, country ribs, loin roast), Spare Rib, Shoulder (this can be put into sausage or cut into pork steaks or used as a roast), Tip, Feet, and Lard.

Sausages: Goetta and/or Stehlin's Special Sausage, Fresh and/or Smoked Sausage

Smoked Cuts: Ham, Bacon, and Cottage Ham.

Completion of your order on all fresh cuts is about one week. The smoked meat takes another two weeks.

WHOLE HOG...Half Hog Doubled

We will take your name and a butcher will call you for your cutting instructions.

If necessary, we can make any substitutions you would like.